Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

3 hour workshop | $85 per person (5-15 people)

What you will learn in this beginner level workshop:

  • what is modern calligraphy
  • basic brush strokes with a pen holder and nib
  • upper and lowercase alphabet
  • how to take care of and prepare your nib and pen
  • how to develop your own unique style
  • how to take these skills home and use them on your own!

What is included?

The modern calligraphy kit comes with a personalized tote bag filled with:

  • a nib
  • pen
  • pen holder
  • clipboard and practice paper
  • introduction to modern calligraphy
  • packet ink

You will leave this class with a good working knowledge of modern calligraphy and will be able create your own unique pieces of art or cards.

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