Intro to hand lettering

3 hour workshop
$65 per person (5-15 people)

What you will learn in this beginner level workshop:

  • hand lettering basics and terminology
  • the different tools used
  • different styles of hand and chalk lettering what is “faux calligraphy?”
  • how to create a sketch
  • how to turn your sketch into chalk art
  • how to take what you have learned and use it on your own!

What is included?

The Chalk/Hand Lettering Kit comes with a personalized canvas tote filled with:

  • a pencil
  • chalk
  • a crayola marker
  • a chalk marker
  • paper
  • qtips
  • pencil/chalk sharpener
  • practice worksheets
  • 8x10 Framed chalkboard
  • a ruler
  • personalized clipboard
  • introduction to chalk lettering packet
  • lettering guides

You will leave this workshop with a newfound knowledge of hand lettering, and your very own hand lettered chalkboard!

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