About the Write Board

The Write Board was founded in 2013 by Tina Pace after creating a hand-lettered chalk board for her oldest son’s 2nd birthday.  After posting a picture on social media of the chalkboard hanging in her kitchen there was an overwhelming response from friends and family wanting their own “Write Board” for a special occasion.  Tina was quickly very busy balancing a household plus the demand for her newly found business. Always the entrepreneur and teacher, Tina has decided to branch out and begin offering Calligraphy and Hand Lettering classes so that others can begin to experience creating their own Write Board.

Tina specializes in Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy.  She is self-taught and loves creating and crafting just about anything.  She was the young girl known for her colorful doodles and “milky” pens in elementary and high school that maybe paid a little more attention to how the words on a paper look rather than what they said.  However, that love for creating and crafting has now turned into a business doing something that she loves.

Tina currently resides on the Connecticut Shoreline with her two boys, Matteo and Marcello, along with her husband, AJ.  Although she is busy raising her boys and taking care of the normal household duties, Tina is constantly finding ways to let her creativity fill her days.  Whether it is taking walks on the beach to find sea glass for a project or helping Matteo create an art project for class, Tina is driven to create. Her new passion is helping others discover that drive.

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